Thursday, July 30, 2009

He's Home!

Our family is finally all home together! We were so blessed to be able to go to the hospital this morning and pick up our sweet son. On Tuesday, Brady was moved to a different wing of the NICU, into a private "suite." It was a nesting room, meaning that we could spend the night there if we wanted. As much as I wanted to stay with Brady, I had just been released that day and didn't think staying on a couch was going to help my recovery any. He stayed there for 2 nights, and then we brought him home! In the hospital, they were feeding Brady formula, and I was pumping whatever I could. They would feed him what I could pump, but it wasn't much, so he got a lot of formula. Also, they didn't let me try actually nursing him until Tuesday, so he is used to a bottle. I won't give up easily, but he sure puts up a fight every time I nurse him! Richard has been a huge help in the process, so I am very grateful that he has some time off from work to help me get used to being a mom! It has been a very enlightening, and sometimes frustrating day, but I know it will only get better. Welcome home, Brady Mark! We love you!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Brady Mark Heywood

Brady Mark Heywood
July 24, 2009
5:17 p.m.
20 1/2 in. long
Grandma Heywood finally gets to hold Brady when he's 2 days old! She held him for almost 2 hours, and loved every second!
Daddy with Brady. He's in there somewhere! Brady took a nice big breath of amniotic fluid as he was born, so he's been in the NICU trying to get rid of it from his lungs. He's doing so much better now, and only has one little oxygen tube in his nose. Everything else, including this little contraption, he pulls out himself because they make him so mad! Way to go, little guy!
We can't get over his chin! It's just sooo chubby! And when he's making a pouty face, it's even cuter! We are definitely in love with our little man!

Mommy and Brady very shortly after delivery. Pre- NICU

Our first family photo. Brady was born via c-section, so that's why I'm flat on my back.
We'll post more (count on it) when we finally get to take him home and he is without all the extra tubes and wires. We love our baby Brady! He is such a sweetheart, and I LOVE that he gets so mad at the nurses when they try to put more tubes/wires, etc. on his face. It's just hilarious, and gives me hope that he'll be free very soon. Very strong willed!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Quilt! Finally!

I finally finished the quilt this morning. My hands have been falling asleep really easily the further I get into this pregnancy, mostly at night while I sleep, but as I was finishing the binding, my fingertips kept going numb! That makes it really awkward to hold a needle! Anyway, it turned out so cute, and I am SOOOO excited to give it to my new baby! Whoa, that'a a lot of exclamation points!

Funny Tie at Walmart

I know it's hard to read, but this is a "Dear John" tie. The entire thing is a letter from Jane telling John all about the new man in her life. Richard and I saw this and thought it was hilarious. Would anyone wear this?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Baby Update

We are getting so close! This little guy is due exactly 2 weeks from today! I can't believe he's almost here! At my last appt., we discovered that he is breech (the little stinker), so we are hoping and praying that he will turn around. My doctor doesn't feel trying to turn him is the best option, so if I want to do that, he will send me to a high risk doctor. Otherwise, I'm going to have to have a c-section. I don't particularly want to have a c-section, but as I've thought about this, I've decided that obviously whatever is best for the baby is what needs to happen. My sister tells me that I will know if the baby turns on his own, but I can't really tell. I'm wishfully thinking that all the movement I've felt in the last few days is him turning, but I really can't tell. So wish me luck, and please pray that he turns!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


For those of you who live in AZ, you are probably aware that Wicked is currently playing at Gammage. Before every show, there is a "lottery" that you can put your name into, and then they have 20 tickets available for $25 each. If your name gets drawn, you can get front row seats for two people! So, Richard and I went on Monday to try our luck, and found out that... the show isn't playing on Mondays. Bummer! Strike one! So, I tried again tonight, and actually got one step closer (my name went in the drawing this time), but no luck. Strike two! Actually, I saw 2 former students there, one of whom had $32 with her, and the other had $1. What were they planning on doing? I have no idea. Anyway, of course one of them got drawn, and was about to take only one ticket, since that's all they had money for, but me, being the charitable person that I am, stepped in and helped them out. The more tragic part is that one got to see it last weekend, and the other has a ticket for later on this month! Life is not fair. Oh well, they paid me back after going to an ATM, and I will try again. I have actually seen the show, in LA, but I really REALLY want to see it again, and I would also love for Richard to see it. I think he'd love it!

Friday, July 3, 2009

One Year of Forever

You may think this is CORNY, but I wanted you to know... I'd put you on the HOT TAMALE train over and over because my
heart BURSTS with love for you!
I'm so grateful that I got a MR. GOODBAR like you!
MIKE AND IKE have nothing on you!

You're going to make a fantastic daddy to our SWEET KIDS
(even if they are sour every now and then) and
I'm completely NUTS about you!
Yesterday, Richard and I celebrated our one year anniversary! It's so hard to believe that it was an entire year ago that we were sealed for time and eternity in the temple. This past year has been a roller coaster for us, with the passing of our sweet nephew Brandon, moving, being pregnant for the majority of it, etc., but I feel so blessed to have shared all of that with my eternal companion. He's a blessing in my life, and I love him so much!
We will be celebrating tonight for dinner, since we have time- you know how that goes. For our anniversary, we got a new camera (yay!), Scrabble Upwords, and Richard got a new battery for my watch, which came around a beautiful bouquet of lilies. Such a sweetie!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Off with June, bring on July!

Richard and I have both been working on projects this summer- Richard outside, and me definitely inside. Although, I have spent lots of time in the mornings outside walking or observing my amazing husband. He works so hard! He has been working on leveling out the driveway, digging down the dirt around a couple trees out front so that the irrigation can get to them, building new berms (sp?), keeping up with the pool, mowing the lawn, and most recently, leveling this patch of dirt so our new (to us) storage shed had a place to go. Honey, you're amazing!

Thanks to Richard's dad and Uncle Roger for their help in unloading the shed! It'll be nice to get some things into storage and create some space around here!

My projects: crafts, mostly. I decided to make a quilt for my new little one. Not exactly a baby quilt, but I love the colors and I love this pattern. I will post a picture of the finished project when it's... finished. If you didn't know this about me- I LOVE making quilts! Seriously, I find it so fun and frustrating, yet incredibly rewarding. It's a great way to spend time in the summers, out of the heat.

A friend of mine told me how to make these cute flowers for hair clips. Of course, I went immediately to get the supplies for them, and made A BUNCH. I sent most of them up to my sisters for their girls' hair, but these are what I kept for myself to wear in my hair. So cute!

8 months down...4 weeks to go!

Here's my 8 month pregnant belly in all it's glory. The time has actually really gone by very quickly. I can't believe I only have 4 weeks left until my due date! We went to a prenatal class last night, and out of 12 couples, only one other was due as soon as us. Crazy- I am so excited to meet our new little boy!