Saturday, May 28, 2011

Um, what?

So, occasionally Brady wakes up in the middle of the night crying. I truly feel that when this happens, he is Richard's responsibility. I mean, I already get up with Benson at least once a night, right?! Well, last night, after I had just settled Benson after feeding him, Brady woke up. So, as usual, I nudged Richard. Here is the breakdown of our conversation:
Amber: Honey, can you please go see about Brady?
Richard: Yeah. (he then rolls over and does nothing)
A: Uh, hun?
R: I am. (he begins feeling around the bed with his hand)
A: Richard, Brady is in his bed.
R: OK. We use...high cholesterol, right?
A: Yeah. We sure do.

What?!?!?! Needless to say, poor little Brady had to just work it out on his own. After all, he is Richard's responsibility in the middle of the night. Poor kid.

P.S. Richard allowed me to post this as long as I included the fact that he is currently taking a nutrition class, which likely contributed to his dreams of high cholesterol. Not that he dreams of someday having high cholesterol. You get the idea.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just some pics...

I just felt the need to get a picture of me with this handsome boy!

Proof- he does smile. Actually, he now smiles very frequently and easily. First smile: April 7, 2011

We thought we'd have a nice picnic in the park between General Conference sessions. I won't say it wasn't nice exactly, because at least someone had fun. But it was VERY windy. Does that surprise anyone who's ever set foot in Rexburg?

Little Benson just weathering the storm in his little cocoon.

Don't be jealous of his Lazy Boy. Or of my awesome creative-mom skills. He loved that box for about 2 weeks, until he had kicked out both sides and he didn't have a place to prop his head or feet anymore.

Looking very dapper in his church clothes. He wore this shirt exactly once- even then it was a mid-riff shirt. It got put in a box for Benson to wear sometime in the future.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Yesterday, while cooking dinner, I had Benson lying on our little jungle play mat, while Brady was watching a movie. Benson would fuss occasionally, so I would go in and give him a binky or just play with him for a few minutes, and then get back to dinner. One of these times, he was actually crying, not fussing. Remembering that a few weeks ago this happened, and Brady was dragging Benson across the room, presumably to me, I decided to check out the situation. What I saw nearly made my heart stop... Brady had his quilt laid over little Benson, and Brady was sitting on him- like square on the stomach, just watching the movie. I guess I won't be asking him to babysit anymore... I wish I had a picture, but given the situation, I didn't want to take time to get the camera.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easter, finally

This was our own little Easter Egg Hunt, on Easter. Brady knew exactly what to do... he was even willing to stick his hands in our shoes!

Run, Brady, run! (we love it when he runs, and ask him to run whenever possible, just because it's so cute to watch!)

We had to remind him about the basket- after each egg he found, he wanted to open it and see what was inside!

And, he liked what he found, every time!

These next pictures are from our hunt in Arizona a week before Easter. We went down in between semesters to get Uncle Austin (just returned from a mission in Spain) It was about 90 degrees, and we all ended up with sunburns! I couldn't wait to get my boys into shorts, especially these Easter-y overalls!

This was our first hunt, and we needed to help Brady out a little with knowing what to do. Not to mention, he was feeling a little under the weather, so he wasn't super excited about the whole thing to begin with. He got there...