Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Crazy Coooks

Yes, I threw an extra "o" in there because it's not cooks as in food, but cooks as in coo...
Aaaanyway, here is a little conversation I just had with Brady:
Me: I'll put Elmo's World on for you
Brady: No! Don't put it on yet, your chair is right in my way!
M: Well, I'll have to get up to put it on
B: You can't, because you're sewed to your chair!
M: I'm sewed to my chair?  How am I supposed to get off?
B: Maybe a horse can come and scrape you off.

A horse?  Is anyone else getting a mental picture here?  I am still chuckling.  I am LOVING this boy's imagination lately.  He is always turning something into an airplane or a train, or killing monsters, or something.  So fun.  Benson just goes right along with it, too.  What a trooper!

Also, I am aware that I am way, way, WAY behind in my blogging.  Just haven't really felt like it, to be honest.  But don't worry, I'm sure the inspiration will hit soon...I hope. :o)