Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Our little outdoorsman- seriously, he'd live outside if he could.
He's very happy (usually) in his stroller
grinning at mommy

This is his first time in the swimming pool. He enjoyed it even though it was freezing!

Daddy's make-shift playpen.
Brady turning out to be such a little blondie! It's so funny to me, I don't know why. Richard is definitely blond, so I shouldn't be surprised I guess. And- it gets curly when it's wet. So cute! He kinda needs a haircut, but he's too little! I'll wait a little longer...
He just started saying Mama! Yay! So sweet to hear. But, since school got out and I've been home, he has turned into such a mama's boy. He crawls around after me begging me to pick him up, and he's HEAVY! Oh well, I love him to pieces, and I'm trying not to spoil him.
Last little tidbit- every time he crawls up the stairs, he turns around after every step and holds his hand out for me to give him "five". So cute! He'll be walking before long!