Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Our Honeymoon!

I finally found my camera cable! For our honeymoon, Richard and I went to Huntington Beach and stayed in Grammy and Papa's condo. It was so great! We loved just being able to relax and do whatever for a few days. On the 4th of July, we went to the Huntington Beach parade and sat on the curb for a few hours. Here we are waiting for the parade... it took FOREVER because we were sitting at the very end of the parade route. That evening we went to the beach for fireworks. It was so great to watch the fireworks over the water!

Another day we decided to walk along the pier and eat dinner. This is a picture of us actually on the pier. It was funny, because there were people all over the place fishing off the pier, and cleaning their fish right there. Disgusting! I guess people gotta make a living!

We went to Disneyland and California adventure, as well. We had to take a picture in front of the California sign, of course! For lunch we had peanut butter sandwhiches in the car. However, we forgot a knife, so Richard got to spread everything on the bread with his finger! It was hilarious, and the sandwhiches were amazing! What a good sport!
We loved walking along the beach (although my legs were killing me by the end of our trip!), and Richard decided to write "Honeymoon July 2008" in the sand before the tide could wash it away! We had such a great time, and I am told that we will have to celebrate similarly for our anniversary each year!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

One Month Anniversary

Well, today is our one month anniversary. We made it this far...yay! We haven't killed each other yet, so that's a great sign. Actually. it's just getting better and better! This is our car after the reception. Our friend DaNelle Wolford did this for us. We loved it!

This last week I was in Utah to help my sister Valora while she had a new baby. So, I left my poor husband for a week and got to take care of 4 kids! It was crazy! I told Richard several times that I was sure glad children usually come one at a time! The baby sure is a cutie, though. I was glad that I was able to help, but definitely ready to come home.

This week school starts...already. CRAZY! How did that happen? Anyway, I am excited to see what fun a new school year will bring. I wonder if should keep a tally of how many times I get called Miss Allen. I love working with the high school kiddos- it's fun to see them grow up.

As soon as I find the cord to my camera, I will get pictures of our honeymoon on here!