Sunday, December 11, 2011

Funny stuff- mostly Brady

I know this is probably only cute to me, but Brady has been "hiding out" under his blanket. He likes us all to join him and tell stories.
Below: I got out our Christmas stockings, and Brady kept putting them on and calling them his boots.
He was trying to see how big he could make his smile. Plus, he wanted to show off his sweet bottom teeth.
Brady kept saying, "Mommy, I'm in here. Mommy, I'm in here." He had wrapped himself up. What a great gift! He has been saying "I love you ___(insert name)__" It's so cute.
Brady had a rash, and Richard was trying to get a good picture of it to show a professor. Aside from the rash part, this picture just CRACKS ME UP! What a goof ball.

We're tight

Yes, this is David Archuleta. And yes, he wears skinny jeans. Perhaps this isn't the best picture of him, but it's definitely him. I know because... I met him!

I played in his concert on Friday night (12/9) in Blackfoot, ID. I played... viola. First time I have opened the case since we moved here. Sad. Anyway, since I never play the viola, I didn't have a mute, which I needed for every single piece. Apparently, a dollar bill works just as well.

It was cool. It would have been cooler if we had gotten paid, but still cool enough. At least they paid us in pizza!