Sunday, May 31, 2009

Two More Months!

OK- So I had no idea how big my belly is! I guess I don't see it from this angle very often. So, for those people who still haven't figured out that I am indeed pregnant- Hello! How can there be any doubt at all? Oh well, they can just think I had an amazing weight loss over the summer. So here I am at 7 months prego. The baby is due 2 months from today! It's crazy how fast it has gone. I am just hoping that the summer just moves right along. If anyone ever wants to join me in the pool for some swim time, just give me a call!
For Memorial Day, we had Richard's sisters Morgan and Kayla come over, as well as Tim and Shirell and their family. Plus, Uncle Curtis and Aunt Eleanor, Audra and Ron and their 3 kiddos. It was quite the group. We had some homemade lemonade, which unfortunately boiled all over into the stove. Just so you can see exactly what we were dealing with...

And lastly, my first attempt at canning chicken. Thanks to Richard for de-boning the chicken before I stuffed them in the jars. It was a messy job, but now we have a bunch of canned chicken, already seasoned and everything!

Monday, May 18, 2009

That's Just Sad...

OK, I know that I am quite possibly the worst blogger ever in the history of blogging. I am also one of the worst picture takers, too, just for the record. So, between me not taking any pictures and NEVER updating this darn blog, I can't believe anyone would still even be checking up. But, for those who thought maybe there was a chance that I put a little update on here, this is for you. First of all, we've moved. We are attempting to get our house rented out, and we moved into my parent's home. Yes, we are even staying in the bedroom I grew up in. It just seemed like a great opportunity to save some money for while. (Richard and I both still have incomes, thank Heaven...) Elder and Sister Allen return from their mission in early September, so we'll cohabitate for a while. We can do this...
Let's see... April: General Conference was amazing, as usual. Easter was fairly uneventful, except for the moving in the rain, of course. I got to spend a weekend in San Diego with a bunch of high school students (joy, Joy JOY!) The next weekend I got to spend in Tucson with yet a different bunch of high school students. Poor Richard, stuck at home with nothing but hot dogs to eat. (hot dogs were his choice, by the way)
May (so far): Garage Sale- we didn't sell nearly enough junk, but the garage is a bit more cleared out. Bye bye ugly blue couches. (finally)
That's our biggest news so far. The baby's still growing and moving more every day. He has finally started cooperating more so that Richard can actually feel him move, too. We are excited to meet this little guy!