Thursday, December 30, 2010

Put Your Hands Together

I just need to take a moment to brag shamelessly about my amazing husband. Not only did he achieve fantastic grades this semester (all A's), but because of his amazing-ness he found out that he has earned a full tuition scholarship for next semester. Yay!!!!! Go Richard!
This is a wonderful blessing for our family, as we have essentially zero income (Idaho Falls Symphony doesn't count for much...)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

There's a First Time for Everything...

Last night, on my way down to Idaho Falls for my symphony concert, it was snowing. Things were going pretty well, until I started fishtailing. Even though I have been told many times what you are supposed to do in that situation, I was still scared out of my mind! I think I may have tried to turn into the slide, but probably way too hard, and the fishtailing continued. Once the car actually started to spin, I decided to quit trying to adjust, and just wait for it to stop. I had been driving in the right lane, but ended up with my back bumper up against the cement median, facing almost backwards. FREAKY! Fortunately, there was an officer there within less than a minute, and he assessed the car, told me it was drivable, and had me pull to the other side of the freeway to fill out a report. He told me there were several more down the road, and that I actually did pretty well- hardly any damage. I ended up getting to the concert pretty much right when it was supposed to start, so I didn't have time to even look at the car. Once I did though, relief. Only a relatively small tear in the bumper, and some scratched paint. I drove MUCH slower on the way home. I wasn't speeding when it happened, but I probably should have been more cautious. Here's to new experiences!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Heywood Family Pics 2010

My sister, Marilla, did an amazing job in a very short time! It was freezing (as you can probably tell), and so we had to move fast! The first picture was from a photo shoot she did earlier at home. Normally I don't post shirtless pictures, but I had to make an exception. Notice my growing belly... this little fella is due 2 months from today! (Marilla's new blog)

Crazy Craft Time

I saw a similar purse on Make It and Love It, and decided to give it a try. The only addition I made was pockets on the inside, as I like to have a place for my phone, keys, etc. Love this! Suggestion: If you plan on trying this, I recommend a thin sweater. Mine was thick, and very hard to sew on, especially with my not-top-of-the-line machine.
This little beauty was taken from, and since I already gave it away, I can finally post it! The pin is a separate entry on the same site. I plan on making a couple more (hopefully starting today) for myself.
I saw these stockings also on u-create. I didn't follow their instructions exactly, but they are very similar. I made 4, as soon our family will be 4 big, and I also have extra fabric for future additions to the family! I lined them with muslin, and they have adorable red courderoy on the back. Instead of quilt batting, I used felt (much cheaper if you don't need a whole quilt bat). These are probably my favorite craft so far this year. They turned out beautifully, even if the display isn't the best!