Wednesday, August 8, 2012

We Went Somewhere Cool

Last week we took a little trip up to Island Park so Richard could do a little pest control, and we decided to detour to Mesa Falls.  It was awesome, and the falls are amazing!
 We made several attempts at a group shot, and wouldn't you know the best one of the rest of us barely even includes Benson!

 Our cute boys
 Finally we found someone to take our picture at the lower falls.  Isn't this just gorgeous?  The falls are absolutely beautiful- I'm so glad we didn't turn around when it was taking much longer to get there than we thought!  The boys were very impressed!
(I just noticed it looks like Benson has had his leg amputated.  Not so, not so.)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Three Years Old!

I cannot believe that this boy is already 3!  It's crazy.  We just love him so much and are so grateful to have him in our family.  He is turning out to be a great big brother, and he is so excited to hold our new little baby when she comes.  Some favorites of Brady:
Color- Blue
Food- Macaroni and Cheese
Thing to do- go to the splash park

Brady loves being tickled, singing, dancing, and doing pretty much anything active.  He is a VERY active kid, and I'm grateful for his dad, who is always willing to help him work out some energy!

Birthday boy in the morning just before digging in to some presents.

Grandma Heywood found this amazing idea and sent it for Brady's birthday.  Once he pulled off an entire row of activities, it spelled his name, and then he got to choose a present from the box she sent.  We are down to one activity! He has LOVED this.  Thanks, Grandma!
 Brady got a bat and some balls- something he'd been asking for all summer.  (he likes watching The Sandlot)
 My attempt at a Mike Wozowski cake

 He'd also been asking for a pinata for months.  He'd never seen one in use, but he knew that it would get filled with candy.  When it came time to hit it, he wasn't sure.  He let his friends take their turns first, but eventually he got the idea.

 This was a HUGE pinata, and very tough to break.  After the kids all took several turns, Daddy stepped in and took care of it!

 Afterwards, we moved over to the Splash Park and played for an hour or so.  Brady LOVES this place, especially when there are friends to play with.  This is one of his best buddies, Jeremy.
 One of the presents from Grandma was packed in these fun packing peanuts.  Brady and Daddy had fun licking and sticking them.
Happy Birthday, Buddy! We love you!