Monday, October 27, 2008

Brandon Todd Allen

On Friday, October 17, we lost my sweet little nephew Brandon. What a cutie he was! My family was all able to come for his funeral on Thursday, the 23rd, including my parents. These are pictures from Richard's birthday party, where Brandon stayed in the swing for most of the night, but ventured to the slide for this small photo shoot. He was almost 2, and acted like it! We will sure miss him and his sweet hugs and kisses. Mmmwah! He would say that every time! Brandon was great at saying No! and uh-huh, mom, Stop!, and many other words. When he said no, it was always nooooo, while he waved you off with his hand, like he was really saying, "would you just go away?" We all loved it, and made him laugh when we imitated him. He sure left us with some fun and great memories. We love Brandon!

Richard's Birthday

So... it's been a while. Yikes... so much to say. Over a month ago, we celebrated Richard's 24th birthday. We had a little backyard BBQ in the park that's in our neighborhood. We are so grateful that we have family living close by. Richard's parents and grandparents live in Mesa, and my brother Tim and his family live in Queen Creek. They all came and we had a little pot-luck. Shirell (my sister in law) brought a fabulous carrot cake that was 100% dairy free. No milk for my honey! These are some pictures inside, as it was super-duper hot outside. We have Grammy and Papa Heywood, Austin, Morgan, me, Richard, and Mom and Dad Heywood. Kristalyn snuck into the one on the stairs. Fun, fun, fun!