Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's a Heywood Halloween!

Trick or Treat!
I couldn't get him to smile, but you get the idea...
Halloween- I think (know) I was way more into it this year than Brady. I was planning on making a costume, but when it came down to it, Richard suggested we just put him in his Batman pj's- brilliant! So, I made him a cape and we bought this darling hat- to which I added some felt ears. He wouldn't keep the darn thing on, but it looked cute for a few seconds each time we put it on him! He felt like the coolest kid on the block walking around outside at night. He was totally strutting- so cute! The most hilarious thing was that he would yell at whoever opened the door at each house. "No, no, no, no!!!" I don't know why. He would always walk up and give the door one knock, say please (trick or treat wasn't happening), and the hang on to his candy. It was tough to convince him that he would see it again if he put it in his bag. Every time we told him to say thank you, he said (and signed) "thank you, mama" (coo-coo mama). It was hilarious! We still can't get him to take mama off the end. Anyway, Halloween was fun around here. On to Thanksgiving! Don't you love this time of year?

First Haircut

Finished product
In the works...
On October 1, 2010, Brady received his very first haircut by Grandma Allen. It was so sad to see all his cute curls go, but I must admit... he looks better this way. His curls were a lot like my natural curl- unpredictable. He looks like a big boy now. We were all very impressed with his behavior throughout the process. He was willing to sit there for about 15 minutes- after that he just kept saying "no, no, no" to my mom, and trying to crawl to the other side of the table. Oh well, it turned out great. From now on it will be Richard's job to cut his hair...

Crafty Projects

It just seems like Caramel Apples are a very Fall-y thing to do. They are easy and so delicious!
I stole this idea from the Sisterhood of the Crafty Pants

I do have more to share, but unfortunately, everything else I've been working on is for Christmas presents, so I can't post them yet! So, in a couple months...

I did make the placemat that the apples are sitting on (with my mom and sisters and niece- our Priesthood session crafty time), as well as the pumpkins behind them. It's just one of my favorite things to do in my spare time.