Monday, September 19, 2011

Twenty-Seven {27} amazing things

Oh Richard- there are many (MANY) amazing things that I love about you. But, today I will stick to only 27...
1) You are a VERY hard worker
2) You live to serve
3) You went back to school, even though you never really wanted to
4) You are an amazing student (especially considering #3)
5) You are finally the age I was when we got married (hehehe)
6) You let me claim your age as my own...
7) You are an AMAZING father
8) You love to wrestle with Brady, and eventually with Benson
9) You are so sweet with Benson
10) You are considerate
11) You are an awesome husband
12) You feel responsible to provide for our family
13) You have a testimony
14) You are great at budgeting
15) You are handsome (well, hot, actually)
16) You love your family
17) You love my family
18) You love me
19) You treat me like you love me
20) You want, and truly believe you'll get, an orange corvette someday
21) You want to go on many humanitarian trips
22) You want a bunch of kids
23) You are outgoing
24) You like to be spontaneous
25) You get excited when you get to punch the gas
26) You love playing basketball
27) You're married to me! I'm so lucky!
Happy Birthday, Honey! I love you so much!