Monday, July 16, 2012

Winds of Change

We're having a girl!  I know, you kind of have to take my word for it, but that's what they told me!  We are so excited to welcome a sweet little princess into our home.  She's due Nov. 23, the day after Thanksgiving, and that makes me 21 weeks along.  I've been feeling great!  The other day Brady said, "Whoa, you're getting big!"  Thanks a lot, buddy.

She wouldn't even consider moving her arms so we could get a good view of her profile, no matter how much they tried to bug her (and me).  But, as far as they could tell, she's perfect!

Muddy Buddies

This semester, Richard has been in an outdoor cooking class.  He had several projects he needed to do, so he teamed up with someone in his class, and we had a couple little "cook-outs."  Last week, we went to a tiny little park in Rexburg and they made pancakes over coals, and bacon, and scrambled eggs in the dutch oven.  They included some blueberries that Richard had dehydrated for another project in the class.  Anywho, the boys got to play for a couple hours while the cooking was taking place, and it had been raining... They ended up completely covered in mud (as in head-to-toe), and having a great time!  We had muddy bathwater that night!

4th of July (finally)

 For the 4th this year, we decided to stick around Rexburg and see what happens around here.  We went to the parade, which was great.  Brady's still learning about being agressive when it comes to getting the candy, but we're OK with that.  He ended up with about 8 pieces of candy and an otter pop.  Both of our boys LOVED the horses and the fun characters on different floats.  The car was one of Richard's favorite parade entries.  He just thought it was super cool!
Afterwards, we went to a pot-luck cook-out with our cousins, the Lamoreauxs, where Brady and Benson had a blast playing with the dogs, chickens, cousins (no particular order...), and watching some family baseball.
For fireworks, we went down to Menan, ID.  IT's a little town south of Rexburg, but they do an amazing show!  We were pretty impressed, and the boys loved seeing the fireworks! (or fireworkers as Brady calls them)  We bought a few of our own and did them a couple days later.  Brady and Benson are big fans of poppers!


 On Friday, June 29, Benson just decided to stand up.  We are so excited and proud of him!  This is huge because Benson is now nearly 17 months, and the stinker has put off walking for way too long.  The doc wasn't worried, so neither was I, but it's pretty inconvenient having to lug him around everywhere! Then, on Friday, July 13, he decided it was time to walk!  I did get a video, but I'll have to post it later.  He just stood up and took a few steps, and then a few more, and before he knew it, he was across the room!  He still falls down, and feels more comfortable holding on to fingers or his push-toy, but he can do it!  He's a walking boy now!
 Good thing, too, because this is the third outfit that has been ruined by his scooting!
 Benson also REFUSES to let us feed him now.  He must do it himself, or he just doesn't want it.  He's doing pretty well, but bibs are required!
 And, he's turning out to be a pretty good little ball blayer.  He will play with them all. day. long.  If someone is willing to play with him, he gets pretty into it.
Benson's vocabulary includes: Mama, Daddy, Day-dee (Brady), di-dee (birdie), wa-wa (water), Hi!, bye-bye, ha (hand), dink, dall (ball), and he'll try most words when we ask him.  He says Jesus pretty clearly, and yesterday he said Grandma. We love him!  One more month until Benson can go into the Nursery at church, and we are soooo excited! :o)

Thursday, July 12, 2012


So, recently we started making "green" smoothies.  They are not green.  However, they do contain spinach, which I hear is what classifies them as green.  They are commonly requested for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Whatever, spinach (and flax) is spinach, right?  If my boys want to eat it, so they shall.  I forgot to give Brady a straw one time, but he wasn't going to wait.

Also, occasionally at the fabric counter at Walmart, they randomly give my kids stickers.  Last week, the girl who cut my fabric asked Brady if he'd been good in the store that day. Of course he had. (ahem) So she asked him if he wanted cat stickers or dog stickers. Cat stickers.  A page of them.  So, that night my whole house was covered with cat stickers, and Benson's forehead was covered with heart stickers. (they were spaced in there with the cats)  I wonder where we'll find one next!?!