Thursday, February 23, 2012

All About Benson

A year in review...
My sweet baby turned ONE! I can't even believe it. He is healthy, happy, and growing like a weed. His stats: 30 1/4 in. tall, 22 lbs 14 oz
He seems like such a big kid, but I know that he's much smaller than Brady was. We'll see how things even out in a year, I guess. He got his first haircut on Feb. 13, 2012. He began scooting on his behind when he was 11 months. He waves bye-bye regularly. He gives kisses. He nods his head and gives an affirmative grunt when he means yes. There is no doubt when he means NO! He is just now getting interested in possibly crawling- I think it will happen soon. He tries to pull himself up, but since he's a scooter, his legs are usually under whatever he wants to stand up to! He's a little picky with food- hopefully we'll get over that soon. He has 8 teeth, with more on the way! He truly believes that he can stand up, and tries to do so every single time we want to sit him down. Benson is such a blessing to our family. We love having him in our home. He has a giant smile that shows lots of teeth. He is starting to cuddle more. Benson often scoots up to my legs and hugs them while I'm doing whatever- cooking, brushing my teeth, just standing around. We love him! Brady LOVES him, too! Happy birthday, Beeb! (that's what Brady calls him)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Snow in Rexburg? What?!?!

Rexburg hasn't lived up to it's reputation this winter! This past weekend we finally got enough snow to stick on the ground that we could get out and play!
Just chillin'
I had to go get the tube after letting it go down on accident. Oops!
Richard and Benson
(I think Benson's arms reach about halfway down those sleeves. It's a size 24 month!)
Someone's enjoying themselves! Doesn't Brady look like such a big boy?
All my boys together
And now for your viewing pleasure... Benson decided to try this hill all by himself. I guess he really enjoyed the tube! The funniest part was sadly not caught on video- right after we turned it off, I looked down, and he was totally face-planted in the snow! There was a little bump that he couldn't quite make it over. I felt sorry for him, but it was just so hilarious! Enjoy watching Scooter!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Meet Mr. Puff-Eye and his side-kick Fly-Baby

Once upon a time, I had a scarf. This scarf was beautiful, warm, soft, and at each end there were 5 or 6 "puffs". When Mr. Puff-Eye first saw this lovely scarf, he began claiming these puffs for himself. One by one, they were ripped off of the scarf, and added to a collection of puffs. These puffs are soft, comforting, etc. I think we may be down to the last puff, sadly. Although, I have said that before, so who knows? Brady (ahem...Mr. Puff-Eye) likes to bring it with him places, sleep with it, rub it on his face, and give himself and others a puff-eye.
And check out the wings on his side-kick! Perfect bed head.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Christmas in AZ

I asked Brady to hang some ornaments on the tree- he did exactly what I said. ( handed him the bag and said, "Here, hang these on the tree.")
Ooh, la la. Tyler, my brother, wearing a hat crocheted by yours truly.
Benson's one and only toy. He is a ball boy, through and through.
He also got some new sippy cups.
Brady's awesome new (kinda) Spiderman backpack.
Brady is a balloon boy. Santa brought him a 3-pack of those big blow-up punching balls. That was all he needed. As usual, Grandma and Grandpa were opening gifts long after the rest of us were done. That's what they get for having 9 kids!
We enjoyed going to warmer weather for Christmas. Both of our families are from AZ, so we saw everyone a lot. Christmas morning was with the Allen's, but I think we split our time pretty well. A tradition for some unknown reason in my family is to go out to Organ Stop Pizza. It is such a fun place, but I only took one picture, and that was of Benson in a high chair. Oops. We also enjoyed being there for Kristalyn and Brian's wedding. Maybe at some point I will put some pics of that on as well. They are a beautiful couple.

Benson is on the move!

If you were wondering, "Benson is almost a year old? Has Amber just been slacking on progress updates?" The answer is... of course Amber's been slacking! Did you see the date of my last post? I feel slightly (very slightly) ashamed of myself, but better late than never, right? Benson has figured out his preferred mode of transportation. We have nicknamed him Scooter. No, there is no crawling. There has never been any crawling. Just the scooting. It's amazing entertainment, especially when he's excited. Oh, and he has just received his first hair-cut. We trimmed it (Grandma H) at Christmas, but just barely. What a little stud-muffin. Oh, and this is my first blog video. Ever.