Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dirt Monkey

Oh my goodness.  How I love these pictures.  Such a perfect representation of my sweet little Benson.  We were planting our garden a couple of weeks ago, and he started out in the grass.  But it didn't take him long to scoot (no, no- there is still no walking from this one) over to the dirt and really get into it.  I mean, we could see dirt through to his scalp, and he had dirt boogers for several days.  And, the bathtub, even after rinsing him off first, had sediment on the bottom.  But, can you resist him?  I can't.  Such a charmer, even with muddy drool dribbling from his dirt goat-tee.  In a side note- our garden now has cute little leaves poking up in straight lines all over in these boxes- which we are sharing with our landlord.

Brady is funny

 This is his semi-new crocodile shirt.  Let's just say anyone up here who knows us, also knows this shirt.  It's that cool.  Those are actual googly eyes on there.  It's a great day when the laundry gets done and this shirt is free again for a couple more wearings.
 He LOVES his spidey jammies, which were handed down from cousin Luke.  We call them his "Spidermans."  He has both a long-sleeved version and a short-sleeved version.  They are size 6 and are supposed to fit snugly, but hey, we do what we can around here.
 Helping his favorite friend, Doggy, use the potty.  Fortunately for us, when it's Brady using the potty, he doesn't forget to put the lid up.  The seat maybe, but never the lid. (notice what shirt he's wearing)
Ever the helpful boy, and trying to speed up the process of getting out the door, he said he would get Benson's shoes on. (again with the croc shirt. sheesh)

Let me just tell you a few more reasons why I. Love. This. Kid.  First of all, if I called him a kid to his face, he would say, "I'm not a kid.  I'm a boy."  Also, he has an incredible memory.  He never forgets anything.  Like ever.   Almost everything he says begins with ,"Why..."  Yes, we've entered that stage in life.  He is starting to be very helpful and I can actually take him to the park without being worried he will run away.  OK, sometimes he does run away at the part, but at least now I know he will always come back to me.  Eventually.  He's super smart, and LOVES being outside.  What a great kiddo.  I mean boy.  Gotta love him!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Fathers and Sons

A few weeks ago, the boys got to go to Fathers and Sons with the ward.  They didn't spend the night, but they did stay for the evening.  (Thank you, Daddy)  The pics speak for themselves, I think.

 Why yes, I do enjoy marshmallows.  Roasted or not.  But definitely on a stick.
 Getting ready for bed before the ride home.
 These pics aren't from the outing, but I thought they applied.  This is just what happens around here sometimes.
And, on somewhat of a relevant note.  Happy Fathers Day to all those daddys out there.  We sure appreciate Richard around here, as well as our wonderful Papa(s) and Grandpa.  Thanks for everything you do!  When I told Brady on Sat. that Sunday was Father's Day, I think he thought that meant Fathers and Sons.  He kept saying, "I'm ready to go on Father's Day!"  He was getting very frustrated.  Then, when we tried (many times) to explain what Father's Day is, we thought he understood, but then he'd ask again later.  When I picked him up from Nursery on Sunday he said, "Now can we go on Father's Day?"  Cute.