Monday, September 28, 2009

This and That

Blessing Day
Our first family picture (besides the nasty ones of us in the hospital and my hair's still in a shower cap thingy)

They're home!!!! YAY! Grandma has already been a huge help, and we love them both so much! Welcome home!

Smiley face. Can you get any cuter? He is getting more and more expressive, and it's soooo fun! Love this little guy!

Happy Birthday, Richard! Granted, socks are not the most fun gift, but hey, we're practical around here. At least they were wrapped in fun paper!

Those cheeks!

Almost as common as his smiley face!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

August in a Nutshell

Cute Cole with Adorable Audrey

Valora and LaceyWho needs "Bump-its" when you have Lindsay around to tease your hair?
The awesome food spread at Brady's shower. The dump trucks were an idea my amazing mother in law stole off someone's blog! Thanks, Linda!

The kid likes to be free, what can I say?
Brady LOVIN' the bath. At least he's modest!
I couldn't resist him in this outfit. He loves laying on his tummy!

August went by in a blur. It was so fun to have Valora and Audrey down here for a few days. Valora was a huge help, and Audrey is just adorable! Brady is now smiling (although we haven't captured it on camera yet- we're trying), and still just growing, growing, growing! It's unbelievable. I already have a huge stack of clothes that he has grown out of, some of which were never worn. We are trying to figure out how much he knows- like is he being a pill on purpose in the middle of the night? He is starting to settle into kind of a schedule, thank goodness! Still working on those nights, though, the little stinker! I have been walking laps around the mall a few times a week, and finally just bought an exercise video. We'll see... Life is amazing!