Monday, January 14, 2013

Scraping Together a Snowman

The boys scraping together enough snow to make a snowman
 Benson was too busy to help very much...

 Finishing touches
 Finished product
 See a resemblance?  I certainly hope not... :o)
Brady wanted to make another one specifically to knock over, which he did.  Totally tackled that thing.
P.S.  This was in October.  We have a LOT more snow now, but it's all crunchy and frozen.

Heywood Halloween 2012

 This year, Brady wanted to be a superhero for Halloween.  When asked which superhero, he just said a "Blue Superhero."  So, this is what I came up with.  I made his cape and mask, and then we found blue clothes.  The hat I also made, but not for this.  He just decided to wear it all on his own.  Aren't we creative around here?  Benson was Batman, and I had to make his cape as well, as the one I made 2 years ago for Brady is mia.  Aren't they cute little guys?

Trick or Treat!

Eastern Idaho State Fair

 Driving like a pro

In September we were so excited to get to go to the Eastern Idaho State Fair.  We met our cousins Ron and Audra and their kids there and had a fantastic time.  I remember always going to the AZ State Fair with my family growing up, so I was super excited to take our kids!  They loved the animals, dressing like "cowboys", and of course, the rides.  They got to ride on a Finding Nemo ride, and then Brady got to go on the carousel.  Fun, fun!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Life in 2013

Well folks, today marks 7 weeks since we lost our precious girl.  Life in 2013 is going to be MUCH different than we had anticipated, but we are excited for some great things to happen this year.  Looking back to 2012, especially the ending, I can't help but think of how quickly life changes, and how we are just expected to adjust.  That's really the only choice.  So many times in the last 7 weeks I've been asked how I'm getting through this.  Well... is there another option?  Was I excited to have a new baby, especially a girl baby?  Of course.  It definitely still hurts, and I know it will until I die.  But, we have the knowledge that: 1) Our family can be forever, 2)She is a perfect child (not everyone can say they have one of those, huh?), and 3) We will have the opportunity to raise her.  I love discussing Adelaide with my kids, because although I know they don't fully understand it all, it is so obvious that they LOVE her.  So much.  Their eyes light up when they tell me she's with Heavenly Father.  Brady has been asking questions like, "When will we die, Mom?" "How will we die?"  I don't know if that's typical of a 3 year old or not, but it's evident that the questions stem from recent events in our family.  It's hard to explain to him, but I know he's looking forward to a time when he can live with Adelaide.  We love her.  We miss her.  But, we are NOT LOST without her.

OK, I realize I've sort of been rambling.  Honestly, the last 7 weeks, aside from losing Adelaide, have been hard physically for me.  It's felt like this is the recovery that never ends.  Without giving ANY detail, let me just say there has literally been just problem after problem.  Add to all that, on Christmas day, I did something to my knee which is yet to be diagnosed.  So, I welcome the new year. 

Our family is trying to turn a corner in our eating habits this year.  I feel like this is my year.  I can do it!  The extra weight (we'll call it all baby weight, why not?) HAS to come off!  I won't put any measurements on here, but I may occasionally give updates on progress.  Our kids will be snacking less and on healthier foods, and subsequently I will be snacking less as well.  Exercise will happen this year, one way or another. 

Before I can start blogging about this year's events, however, I need to catch up on a few from last year.  I was behind when I had Adelaide, and then I felt like she deserved top billing for a while.  So, in the next little while, I will be playing catch up.  Sorry, it's for posterity, you know?