Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Back in the saddle again. (I mean, for the first time...) Check out his little monkey feet gripping as hard as they can! Priceless! This was just before the horse shook her head (as horses often do), and then he wanted OFF!!!
Someone's happy! This is his birthday giraffe that I got (for free, ahem) at a garage sale. Super squishy- just his style.
Conjunctivitis. Say that 5 times fast.
The rest are some adorable pictures from his birthday. Mostly for Grandma's sake, but they are here for all to enjoy. I know, he's adorable, and Marilla (my awesome sister) is amazing with the camera.

We're Official Idahoans Now!

Welcome to our new home! This is where we live... kinda. If you look on the right side of the house, you can barely see a little porch covering. This is over the stairs that lead down to our basement. So, we do live in this cute little house, or just below it, anyway.
This is what our sweet boy likes to do in our cute little basement several times, every single day. This isn't the only drawer he "helps" with, by the way. (The lid comes from a different cupboard, not pictured)
And this is the little squirt caught red-handed. He's not ashamed to eat off of the floor, with or without the 5 second rule. Notice the plate on the table? That's right, he snatched not one but 2 pieces of garlic bread and ate them both! What a stinker- gotta love him!