Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Crazy Coooks

Yes, I threw an extra "o" in there because it's not cooks as in food, but cooks as in coo...
Aaaanyway, here is a little conversation I just had with Brady:
Me: I'll put Elmo's World on for you
Brady: No! Don't put it on yet, your chair is right in my way!
M: Well, I'll have to get up to put it on
B: You can't, because you're sewed to your chair!
M: I'm sewed to my chair?  How am I supposed to get off?
B: Maybe a horse can come and scrape you off.

A horse?  Is anyone else getting a mental picture here?  I am still chuckling.  I am LOVING this boy's imagination lately.  He is always turning something into an airplane or a train, or killing monsters, or something.  So fun.  Benson just goes right along with it, too.  What a trooper!

Also, I am aware that I am way, way, WAY behind in my blogging.  Just haven't really felt like it, to be honest.  But don't worry, I'm sure the inspiration will hit soon...I hope. :o)


Marilla Olson said...

Ha ha!! Brady cracks me up! :) So what's the horse gonna scrape with...? Love you guys.

Not Your Mother's Aprons said...

haha that is hilarious! love you!

Sarah said...

hahaha Love it!! That's so funny. I'm glad you posted that today, I needed something to make me laugh. Love and miss you! :)